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Welcome to the Hooe’s Old Motor Club
Whether your interests lie in Agricultural, Commercial, two, three or four wheeled transport
this is the club for you.

I’m sorry to have to tell you that Mr Hugh Clifton (the farmer who allowed us to use his field during the Hooe Show),  passed away on Wednesday morning, 7th March; he was very keen on the vintage scene, and certainly helpful to the club. A card will be sent to the family on behalf of the club.

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A new product

just on the market


Morris 8 Series E  1939

The car is regularly used and very reliable  and has taken part in many local car shows.

The car has been well maintained and overall is in excellent condition.

Sad sale


Please phone : 07721072192

Left click on any image for a larger view

IMG_5829.JPG IMG_5830.JPG IMG_5833.JPG IMG_5835.JPG IMG_5831.JPG IMG_5832.JPG


1964 build Vauxhall  Victor 101

In cracking condition with an Eastbourne registration and well known on the rally circuit

Recently fitted with new headlining  Tested until June 2018

The owners wish it to stay in the Eastbourne area if possible,.

£2,900 O.N.O.

All enquiries to Julie or Ken Hale on 01323 726081

Left click on any picture for a larger view

DSC00035.JPG DSC00037.JPG DSC00038.JPG DSC02266.JPG DSC02262.JPG


New MGB Tonneau cover  £40 O.N.O.

Bumper Overriders (will fit Wolseley 1500 or Riley 1.5)  £25 O.N.O.

Ron W  01323 840346

This page is primarily for the use of club members who may wish to announce private sales or  wants  (vehicle related);  or to apprise members of upcoming events.

The following email excerpts are for interested people who might know of someone with the rare pre-selector gearbox on a Wolseley or Morris.

Andy, the following is an email I have received from Mike Pilgrim, the leading light in the Rapier Register car club.  It may be of interest to some members of the Hooe club.  Peter Meyer is writing a Haynes style book on servicing and repair of the ENV pre-selector gearbox.  At the moment it is being translated from German and should be published very soon.


Sue Colson


I am sending this e-mail to many contacts who share my vintage motoring interests.  If you own or know of a Morris or Wolseley car fitted with pre-selector gears please read on, otherwise you may ditch this e-mail now !

My friend Peter “Banjo” Meyer is an enthusiastic expert on pre-selector gearboxes, offering advice and parts for DIY repairs in addition to carrying our complete overhauls of Preselector boxes – his company is PBM Engineering, in Germany.    He e-mailed me as follows :-

If you ever come across a Wolseley or Morris with a Preselector gearbox please forward a contact to me.  This box might have been designed and constructed by the German engineer Erich Friedrich Puls who spent some years in the UK and worked for Austin/Morris  in the early 1930s.  His grandson who I know quite well still runs the company PULS GETRIEBE in 3rd generation which was founded in 1926.  They made P/S boxes for BMW Dixi, Horch, Opel, Trucks, Buses etc., and would very much like to find a surviving car with one of the boxes made by the founder in the UK.  Furthermore I have a lot of material regarding the Puls boxes, e.g. drawings, description etc. which might be of some help for an owner of such a car.

So if you own, or know of, such a car please get in touch, either via me (I don’t have Mike Pilgrim’s email address, so contact Sue or Bob Colson at trebor@rjandsjc.plus.com) or direct with Peter at  peter@banjomeyer.de


Andy. As I understand things the Wilson ENV 75 pre-selector gearbox is lacking a manual of repair and rebuild details. An expert in the North can repair them but at a high cost because he strips everything.   These gearboxes and similar were fitted to some Wolseley, Morris, Rapier (Lagonda),  Armstrong Sidderly ( larger box), some MG’s.  Maybe more.

On the grape vine I thought I noted a price of some £60 for the finished manual.  Which is good as the repairs can be £5000.  On the Peter Meyer website some months ago there was posted some of the drawings that will appear in the final manual.

Bob C.

Wilson ENV 75 pre-selector gearbox