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Welcome to the Hooe’s Old Motor Club
Whether your interests lie in Agricultural, Commercial, two, three or four wheeled transport
this is the club for you.

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  The Hooe's Old Motor Club was formed on the 7th January 1972 when 12 members started the ball rolling. The Chairman was Grp. Capt. Wyndham Welch;  Secretary, David Hance; Treasurer Clive Davies and Committee Bob Pointer. The name of the club was adopted then.


  Grp.Capt. Wyndham Welch became the President/Founder and remained in this post until the year 2000 when Ron Fellows who had been Secretary since 1995 took over the role of President. Pat Walker who still plays an integral role was chairman from 1997 until the year 2002. In April Ron Wanmer took over the role of Chairman the position he currently holds in the year 2017 - 2018.

  The Hooe's Old Motor Club is better known for the Hooe's Car Show which has just celebrated its 48th  event in 2017. Always held at the Hooe Village Recreation Ground it has been an icon of what a car rally is all about with a stringent age limit of 1970 for manufacture having only risen from 1960 in recent years.  It is said that 'It is a Victim of its own success!'

   The club has grown from 12 to nearly 150 members and a great social life is enjoyed when the club meets every month except January when meetings are held either in the Hooe Village Hall or at outside venues in the summer on the first Friday of each month where possible.

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